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All people may experience mild and short-term or more severe and long-lasting mental health problems throughout their lives. The psychiatrist assesses the person's mental condition and gives recommendations for further treatment plans, prescribes medications as needed, makes recommendations for going to psychotherapy or visiting another specialist. The frequency of consultations with a psychiatrist and the duration of treatment depend on the patient's condition and the course of the disease; as a rule, the frequency of visits is higher in the initial phase of treatment. The main research method of a psychiatrist is a psychiatric interview; detailed examinations are appointed when necessary. At an appointment with a psychiatrist specialising in addiction disorders, people talk about addiction behaviour, the client's biography, family and co-morbidities. If necessary, the psychiatrist will share the patient analyses, examinations and consultations with other specialists. An individual treatment plan is made. You can book an appointment for a consultation to assess the need for psychiatric treatment, adjust the treatment or prepare a treatment plan.

    Consultation with a psychiatrist in case of addiction problems

    A psychiatrist evaluates addiction problems, focusing on the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and prevention of psychic and behavioural disorders.

    Other mental health problems often accompany addiction problems, which may increase the risk of addiction disorders or relapse episodes. The psychiatrist diagnoses the problem, refers to examinations and prescribes treatment, if necessary, or refers the person to psychological therapy or a treatment group.

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