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Addiction treatment

Addiction is a brain disease characterised by a psychological and physical inability to stop using a substance or cease an addictive activity, even if it causes harm to a person. We specialise in substance use disorders. If you feel that you need help yourself or a loved one needs help, feel free to contact us. You can schedule an appointment with our specialists quickly. We value everyone's individuality and privacy very highly.


A psychiatrist specialises in people's mental health problems, focusing on the diagnosis, assessment, treatment and prevention of mental and behavioural disorders.


Addiction counsellors

The consultation introduces substance dependence in general and explains the nature of alcohol, drug and medication addiction.



Other specialists and a mental health nurse who also help people with addictions.


Treatment programmes

The treatment programme teaches a person to achieve and maintain a drug- free life through a practical method.


Alcohol withdrawal or hangover treatment

In the vernacular sense, we describe this as having a hangover. This combination of psychological and physical symptoms can be helped along and alleviated with treatment.


    Addiction management course

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    Addiction Management Group provides the necessary knowledge and skills to change addictive behavior. They are science-based, time-tested, practical and concrete. Group support helps maintain continuity during this initial critical period.

    Within 3 months, all group members will receive step-by-step instructions on how to change their addictive behavior. During this time, new patterns of thinking and behaving will be developed that support to your liking lifestyle and sufficient confidence is gained to continue living as desired.

    Participating in a group helps keep you motivated and gives you the energy you need. Specific instructions provide additional support. The volume of the course is 12 one and a half hour group meetings and one individual session with a group tutor, if necessary, individual meetings with a psychologist or continuation in a group for a longer period of time can be arranged.

    To join the group and get more information, contact Confido Addiction Center at 6414 700 or

    Achieving each major goal requires the will, knowledge, skills, and consistency to implement them. The most important of these is the will.

    Addiction management course
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